Who’s Davis?

Davis Suneps

In 2014, after various internships at large corporations, I started working at a small tech startup as the 2nd employee, that was working on an app that encrypts voice and messaging communications. Things did not go as planned and the startup ran out of money 5 months later… Less than a month after, I joined the University of Latvia students’ business incubator and starting managed events. Long story short – things escalated fast!

During my days at the students’ business incubator, I tried starting a bunch of projects of my own but without any luck. Lessons learned are written throughout the blog. My previous day job hustle was problem-solving daily operations at TechHub Riga – a community of new technology startups who can meet, work, learn, and collaborate.

I’ve helped dozens of entrepreneurs set up businesses in Latvia online with e-signatures and without hassle at my first project that’s actually making money – www.registeracompany.lv.

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