How to Use Apple Pay in the Baltics? [10 min guide]

Are you getting very impatient waiting for Apple Pay in the Baltics? Would you like to confuse cashiers and pay with a phone? Good news!

Here’s a clean way how to use Apple Pay in the Baltics and enjoy the benefits of not taking your wallet or credit cards with you – in 10 minutes!

Step 1. Temporarily change your App Store Country/Region to Ireland (You will change it back afterward)

👉 Open App Store > Click Today tab > Click your Face > Click your Name > Authorize with Touch ID/Passcode > Click Country/Region > Click Change Country or Region > Click Ireland > Agree to T&C > Select Payment Method None and re-enter your home address in the Baltics leaving Postcode blank > Smile 😋

Your existing apps and documents on your iPhone will not change.

N. B. Existing recurring payment subscriptions in App Store will be canceled. You’ll need to resubscribe afterward.

Step 2. Temporarily change your iPhone region to Ireland (You will change it back afterward)

👉 Open Settings > Click General > Click Language & Region > Click Region > Choose Ireland, click Done > Click Continue > Wait 10 seconds > Smile 📸

Your existing apps and documents on your iPhone will not change.

Step 3. Download and top up boon contactless payments app

👉 Sign up using your Baltic mobile phone number and address > Top up your new virtual card > Add the card to your Apple Wallet > Smile very, very happily 🤗

There are no commissions when topping up your new virtual card in euros.

N. B. You can only top up your virtual card with cards that support 3D Secure authorization like Swedbank, SEB, Citadele etc. This is why the app is getting negative reviews on Ireland’s App Store.

N. B. 2. Boon app is free for the first 3 months and costs €1.49/month afterward.

Step 4. Change iPhone and App Store region back to your home country

Step 5. Lock your iPhone and double-click the home button

Voila! Apple Pay is now alive for you. Now go out and confuse the hell out of cashiers at shops who support ‘normal’ contactless NFC cards. Smile! 😋


Apple Pay screenshot in Narvesen


P. S. If the first time the contactless credit card terminal doesn’t accept your iPhone (like it didn’t for me), then change the angle and aim the terminal with your iPhone’s head.


Edit: Thank you for your comments! I tried manually adding to Apple Wallet my N26 and Transferwise cards but they currently are not supported even if iPhone’s region is changed to Ireland. In addition, you have to disable Family Sharing before changing the region to Ireland. Cheers!


Shout out to rpavlovskis. 🔥


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18 Replies to “How to Use Apple Pay in the Baltics? [10 min guide]”

  1. Great, and it works. I did not disable Family Sharing during region changes btw. Did you manage to get Boon Plus as well? I just wonder if i will share my ID and utillity bill, Boon could stop my subscription as i am not from Ireland.

    1. It indeed works!

      I didn’t apply for Boon Plus because the current limits are OK.

      I just called Boon support and the lady on the line told me that confirming a non-Ireland address is OK. So go ahead!

      1. I have applied for .boon Plus. It’s enought to sent your 2 bills if both are sended via e-mail to you. Your name should be there. After a week, you are boon plus user!

  2. Instructions were clear and everything worked exceptionally. Tried it already in Maxima and everything went smooth like a charm.
    3 respect points to you, man!!!

    1. Thanks for the question!

      You have to use a card that supports 3D Secure authorization – Revolut doesn’t support this so Revolut doesn’t work. All local banks support 3D Secure authorization in Baltics – use those cards to top up boon account.

  3. Thanks for great article. Boon is great!

    I had difficulties changing home country to Ireland. App store does not accept LV CC as verification method. Good thing you can use Paypal which also must be set to Ireland.

  4. Did not work for me when tried at RIMI, please assist a dumb person –
    did I need to add my virtual Boon card to Apple Wallet and have Apple Wallet open when I try to make a payment?

    1. Don’t be too hard on yourself!

      Yes, you need to add the virtual Boon card to Apple Wallet before paying with iPhone.

      Then when you are ready to pay, lock your phone and push the right button twice – your cards will appear. Touch/Face ID and aim the top of iPhone to the contactless card reader.

      Have fun!

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