Renting A CarGuru To Drive For Taxify [EXPERIMENT]

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Car-sharing services like CarGuru (a.k.a. ZipCar for Riga, Latvia) are nice alternatives to getting around the city, but what if you rented one and drove for Taxify (a.k.a. Uber for Latvia with private drivers AND cabs) instead? Let’s find out!

DISCLAIMER: I’m not being paid by Taxify or CarGuru to do this experiment and promote either service. Each has its own competitive advantage (though Taxify generally is a better choice for now).

Let’s get started!

Less than a week ago CarGuru added a new pricing plan: €49.99 for 24 hours with 100 KM included in mileage (each extra km costs €0.15) and full insurance. I decided to give it a shot and rent the car to drive for Taxify the next day!

A CarGuru car was booked via iPhone app on Friday 17/Nov @ 1 PM.

Check out the stats:

31 completed rides (Perfect 5.0 star rating 😋)
14h 47min driving Time
415 km driven

€144.96 Revenue after Taxify commissions (including tips)
– €20.80 Microenterprise Tax
– €87.52 CarGuru rent with extra mileage surcharge
–   €3.00 Car wash x 2

€33.64 Net Profit 😱

However, seeing ~40 people react to a Toyota Yaris 2017 Hybrid CarGuru:

Priceless. 😋

At least the experiment didn’t end with a negative sign, but €2.28/hour certainly isn’t a sexy hourly profit.


Do you have any questions or comments? Please leave them below and I’ll reply! 🤘


EDIT #1: CarGuru co-founder joined the discussion on Facebook:

Edit #2: Taxify co-founder joined the discussion as well!

Read and join the Facebook discussion here.

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8 Replies to “Renting A CarGuru To Drive For Taxify [EXPERIMENT]”

    1. 😀 With all seriousness though, a cheaper car + running on gas (not fuel or diesel) is much more profitable. It’s hard to get cars like that on Fridays/Saturdays though, if you’re not a frequent customer.

        1. The new Leafs with 300+ km batteries might be an option, then again, I haven’t been given a quote for renting such a car for 24 hours. Technically – yes, but it all depends on the rent quote. 😉

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