What’s It Like To Deliver Food For Wolt?

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I’ll always remember what my Finnish friend Miku (who’s living in Riga) said after I told him that food delivery service Wolt launched in our city –

‘YESSS! My prayers have been answered!!!’

Wolt originates from my friend’s hometown Helsinki, and while there are hundreds of food delivery apps in the region, Wolt is the only one that’s:

  1. Broken the 700’000 customer mark
  2. Gotten Apple’s prestigious Editors’ Choice award for its UX
  3. Secured investment and board members from multi-billion euro companies like Skype, Nokia & Supercell

Obviously, I signed up as the Wolt courier partner! Now let’s see what’s it like to deliver food for Wolt.

Food transportation

It’s your call what means of transportation you’ll use for delivering food.

In Riga, you can choose from 2 options:

1) Bicycle (including all kinds of scooters), and

2) Car (or motorcycle).

In certain cities, the 3rd option – your legs (walking) – exists, but it’s not available in Riga so let’s disregard it.

I chose to deliver food by car because it was cold outside yesterday. ☃ In addition to climate control, the delivery radius is increased compared to that of bicycles, which means more money for longer deliveries. However, they say that you’d actually earn more €/hour if you delivered food with a bicycle because you could avoid traffic (😉) and you’d save on fuel.

In contrary to certain taxi companies, Wolt doesn’t discriminate against more mature cars with 2 doors so instead of renting a car, I could deliver food with my own 2003 Audi TT. Yes, the fuel cost for driving around in the city a lot is high but it’s fast (I was beating the clock on average by 10 minutes), I’m used to it and it’s super comfy. 😇

Chained deliveries

Chained deliveries work like Uberpool but for food deliveries – instead of always picking orders up and delivering them 1 by 1, Wolt algorithm sometimes suggests you pick multiple separate orders up from different restaurants first and only then drop them off at hungry people living close to each other.

When chained deliveries happen, the hourly rate increases and you get more money!

Doing nice things

Food is our #1 need. Delivering food to hungry people makes me feel like my imaginary karma points are going through the roof; especially yesterday when I delivered food to a hungry person with a broken leg who’s living on the 5th floor without an elevator. 🤗

Minimum hourly rate

There’s a minimum hourly rate (if you’ve booked your hours on the app), and if nobody is hungry in the city, you can slack in your car and still get paid.

Everyone is super friendly

Especially the restaurants because Wolt couriers are their heroes! Yesterday I got a discount at a restaurant, and one anonymous restaurant owner donated me a bottle of beer past 22.00 (when alcohol in bottles is not sold anymore). 😍

Here are the stats:

15 food deliveries
9h 30min food delivering time
72 km driven

€45.62 Revenue (including tips)
– €5.94 Microenterprise Tax
– €10.76 Fuel (Audi TT was hungry 😋)
– €2.00 Car Depreciation

€26.92 Net Profit (€2.83/hour)

It’s before bonuses. 😏

Wolt offers weekly monetary bonuses to their heroes for beating X orders/week and/or delivering food during rush hours in the weekend. The bonuses vary between €0.80-1.50 per order as far as I know.

If I’d done more orders by delivering food for many days in a week, then 1) €0.80 bonus per delivery would increase my Net Profit to €37.12 (€3.91/hour), 2) €1.50 bonus per delivery would increase my Net Profit to €46.04 (€4.85/hour).

In addition to bonuses, you could optimize and 1) use a less hungry car than an Audi TT (or a bicycle ☃), 2) deliver food during the announced rush hours only, therefore having no time to slack in the car without orders like I did, and 3) get a VAT number and deduct VAT paid for fuel. If you have a VAT number, Wolt pays the VAT on top of the payment.

Would you like to sign up and become a Wolt hero and feed hungry people? Click here, choose your country and fill in the form!

Haven’t yet ordered food with Wolt? You’re missing out!!! 😋

Download Wolt app (iOS, Android, or sign up on the web here), enter the promo code DAVIS. (with a dot) before you order and get 3 free food deliveries worth €6! 😍

Bon appétit!

Do you have any questions or comments? Leave them below and I’ll reply!

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18 Replies to “What’s It Like To Deliver Food For Wolt?”

  1. Thanks! Your article gave me a useful starting point for researching for my own company (not a rival to Wolt) and seeing as nobody else has commented yet I thought I’d give you some kudos

      1. Hi, Davis! Thanks for the information. Let me ask you a question. Is there any contract if I want to deliver food for Wolt?

        Thanks in advance!

  2. Hey Davis,

    Very thorough summary. I’ve thought about doing this kind of delivery as a side-hustle in Tallinn. Did you find the work itself to be tedious in terms of trying to find addresses, unresponsive customers, etc.? Or was it pretty easy and straight-forward as far as completing the delivery. And my other question is that if you work hourly, does Wolt require a minimum delivery quantity? Thanks!

    1. Thank you!

      About every 5th address is harder to find than others – then again, I liked exploring my city further. Not a problem with unresponsive customers – Wolt clients are very tech-savvy and almost live with phones in their hands. 😉

      Wolt doesn’t require a minimum delivery quantity – only if you’re aiming for weekly bonuses.


  3. Hey!
    I’m curious to ask how did you go about the procedure when parking your car when taking or giving out the orders?

  4. Hey, a little offtopic, but it’s worth noting that one promo code works only for the country you’ve registered from (you can change that in settings). If you refer a person from a different country nor he or you will get the wolt credits in the desirable currency. Therefore my wolt code for Poland: DARMO if anyone needs. I tried referring people from abroad, but the result was them not getting the credits in their currency, nor me in mine. Cheers.

    1. Thank you for the question! To register as a self-employed person in Latvia you need to be at least 15 years old. Once a really young dude delivered me pizza, which was great!

  5. Hello,
    could you suggest a job where I could work whenever I want (2-3h/day) like with Wolt? Was thinking about Wolt itself, but would need to buy a car ( unfortunately, a bicycle for me is not an option due to several reasons).

  6. “The online food delivery market is estimated to grow globally from $35 billion today to $365 billion by 2030. This is a massive opportunity across all geographies for companies like Wolt to tackle. However, while virtually everyone operating in this market can show extremely strong growth, it is incredibly difficult to do this while also building a viable business for the long-term. This is what Wolt focuses on building the most efficient company in food delivery. This new round of financing is testament to how far we’ve come in that regard, and how much there is still to do,”

  7. Hi,

    Do you have to declare income you get from Wolt yourself or will the company do it for you and deduct taxes themselves?
    Also, could you explain a bit more about this part? How would you go about getting it and is it worth it?

    3) get a VAT number and deduct VAT paid for fuel. If you have a VAT number, Wolt pays the VAT on top of the payment.

  8. I do have a question. I recently started to work at Wolt Partnership but I can’t quite understand the tax requirements.
    Like how much of a tax do you have to pay if you make monthly 1.000 erous. How much will the year tax payment will be ? And how do I get a VAT number..(I don’t quite understand what it is) as well I’m whit a car . Thank you for the time ❤

  9. This is much much less than the minimum wage in any country in the EU, including Latvia. Wolt is the total precarization of jobs, you will never be a ‘partner’, not even an employee (with holidays, health benefits, etc.). Just a ‘precariat’ self-employed person paying taxes in your country when they don’t even pay taxes in Latvia. Being paid far less than the minimum wage which should be illegal, having a job that consumes liters of oil (now with fuel prices going up and up). No wonder why Restaurants HATE WOLT (needless to say they charge them 30 to 40% from their food). No, thank you.

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